The Störmthaler lake

The Störmthaler lake is located in the middle of Leipzig's New Zealand southeast of Leipzig, It has been completely flooded since the end of 2012. Unique feature of the Störmthaler lake is that floating art object VINETA, a unique event location in Europe.

Worth knowing about the Störmthaler lake

Until about 1994Braunkohletagebau
2001 – 2012Flooding of the lake
Area7,33 km²
Height above sea level117 m
Volume158 million cubic meters of water
depth55 m
Bathing water qualityWell (EU Bathing Water Directive)
water connectionMarkkleeberg lake

Around the Störmthaler lake

The already existing water connection to the likewise already flooded and opened Markkleeberger lake is the first water connection of two lakes in the Leipziger New Zealand. The mining technology park in the immediate vicinity of the lake is also an interesting destination.

A maritime harbor for sailboats is located on the south shore of the lake.

An 100-year-old Waalschokker, a Dutch sailor who used to work in the Wadden Sea, enriches the tourist development of the Störmthaler See.
Since 2014, group trips can also be booked on the traditional sailing ship "Störmthal".
Further information about the traditional sailing ship under

But the biggest attraction on Lake Störmthal is the small island or the art object VINETA, which was realized in 2010 as part of the "Art instead of coal" initiative. At 15 meters, it is currently the tallest floating structure on a German lake. 

There are exciting offers and activities to do with VINETA, such as an amphibious tour with originally restored amphibious vehicles.

The new holiday resort LAGOVIDA on the Störmthaler See was opened in the year 2014.
The Casa Marina, located directly on the harbor promenade, is the heart of LAGOVIDA.

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