The Gremminer lake

The Gremminer lake has a water surface of 560 ha. Especially the Gremminer See is known by its striking peninsula in the middle of the lake - Ferropolis.

Worth knowing about Gremminer lake

Until 2009Flooding of the lake
Height above sea level78,6 m 
Volume67 million cubic meters of water
depth33 m
Area5,44 km²
shoreline14 km
IslandPeninsula Ferropolis

Around the Gremminer lake

Ferropolis - the city of iron, Five large devices - Mad Max, Mosquito, Big Wheel, Gemini and Medusa - were saved from being scrapped. On the 20 ha large peninsula you can visit the devices with the imaginative name. Major events, such as the well-known MELT Festival and many concerts of famous artists take place in front of this gigantic backdrop.

A partially paved Walk around the lakewhich leads through a very scenic area, is used by inline skaters as well as by cyclists and hikers. In the near future, the landscape and the lake with Overnight stay in the middle of the forest and yet directly on the lake and with boat trips to be experienced. 

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