The Goitzsche lake

Formerly known as the "Leopold" mine, the Goitzsche opencast mine was fully developed in the middle of the last century and is now popular with water sports enthusiasts, holidaymakers and motorboat fans.

Worth knowing about Goitzsche

1908 - 1991Braunkohletagebau
1999 - 2002Flooding of the lake
Area13,33 km²
Height above sea level75,0 m
Volume212,8 million cubic meters of water
depth48 m

Around the Goitzsche See

In 1908 coal mining began in the "Leopold" mine. The Goitzsche opencast mine was then fully developed in the middle of the last century. 

In addition to lignite in the Bitterfeld area also about 400 tons Bernstein promoted. This was sold to the Baltic for further processing. Many tons of the precious stone are still there in the earth, but are now covered by a water layer up to 70 meters thick.

1991 began the rehabilitation of the open pit Bitterfeld. The Flooding of the opencast mining holes started in the year 1999 and should last for several years. The tidal wave of the century flood at the Mulde in August 2002 reached however at the 15. of the month the region around Bitterfeld and thus the Goitzsche. The water squeezed from the east into the lake and filled it in 36 hours completely and beyond the target level, which parts of the city of Bitterfeld were flooded.

By the year 2006 the Goitzsche became one Recreational and nature reserve rehabilitated. In June 2005 took the release of the lake for Water sports and tourist use

On Peninsula Pouch The most diverse events take place. Connected to the region's biggest folk festival - the Goitzsche Festival - motorboat championships are held every year on the peninsula. 

As a landmark and symbol of the changing landscape was here Level tower with pier built. The passage over the 200 meter long pier and climbing the 26 meter high tower will come with a fantastic view rewarded across the region.

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