The Zwenkauer See

Am southern outskirts of Leipzig, adjacent to the City Zwenkau is the Zwenkauer See. By the year 1999 Zwenkau brown coal was mined in the open pit mine. After the complete flooding the Zwenkauer See with nearly 10 km² is the largest waters in the southern Leipzig New Lakeland.

Worth knowing about Zwenkauer See

Until 1999Braunkohletagebau
Until May 2015Flooding of the lake

Map from the 50 years
This old map shows the then still existing place Eythra, which had to give way to the open pit Zwenkau, as well as the here shown Harthwald. Raft ditch and the Bach Batschke were relocated for the open pit. 

Height above sea level113,5 m (2,1 m fluctuation in flood flooding)
Volume172 million cubic meters of water
depth48 m
Bathing water qualityWell (EU Bathing Water Directive)
water connectionPlanned water connection to Cospudener See and from there to the center of Leipzig

Around the Zwenkauer See

With its emerging leisure facilities on the north shore of the lake, the large water surface and the many green areas around the lake, the Zwenkauer Lake is a highlight for those seeking relaxation, water sports enthusiasts and visitors.

On the south shore of the lake is the Cape Zwenkau with harbor atmosphere, Seefeeling, waterfront, park and green areas, cafes, restaurants, shops and a marina.

Here, on Cape Zwenkau, arose new, unique city quarter, The marina and water sports harbor are lined with terraced mixed and residential areas, with magnificent views across the lake. Living, working and enjoying at the Cape Zwenkau.

An approx. 22 km long circular route around the lake invites you to Explore the landscape by bike or on foot on. In the year 2015 the Zwenkauer lake has reached its final water level. From May, 2015 was able to set up the first sailboats in the harbor.

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