The Gröberner See

The Gröberner See is one of the northernmost lakes in the Central German Lakeland. He emerged from the former open pit Gröbern. The name derives from the nearby town of the same name.

Worth knowing about the Gröberner See

From 1966Braunkohletagebau
2001 - 2010Flooding of the lake
Height above sea level87,80 m (fluctuation +/- 0,5m possible)
Volume67 million cubic meters of water
depth53 m
shoreline10 km

Around the Gröberner See

In addition to the Gröberner See in the south of the Gremminer lake limits the city of Gräfenhainichen in the north, which is located in the final moraine area Hochfläche of Gräfenhainichen-Schmiedeberg, also Dübener Heide, in Saxony-Anhalt.

It covers the area of ​​the former Gröbern mine. After the cessation of coal production began in the year 2001 flooding by water supply from the trough a pipe.

On the 8. June 1987 encountered excavator drivers at Gröbern mine Bones of an 100.000 year old forest elephant, which are shown in the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle. 

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