The Markkleeberger lake

The Markkleeberger lake originated from the former open pit aspen grove, Lignite was extracted between 1939 and 1994 here. After completion of the coal mining began in the year 1999 the flooding of the lake. The final stand was reached with + 113,0 m NN, so that the Markkleeberg lake on the 15.07.2006 could be handed over to the public. 

Worth knowing about Markkleeberger See

1939 - 1994Braunkohletagebau
Until 2006Flooding of the lake
Area2,52 km²
Height above sea level113,0 m
depth57 m
Flatly9 km
Bathing water qualityWell (EU Bathing Water Directive)
water connection Störmthaler lake

Around the Markkleeberger lake

The Kanupark with its two whitewater trails is located on Auenhainer shores of the Markkleeberger lake. Of the Auenhainer beach is with a length of about 500 m the largest beach on the lake.

Am Water sports beach can interested Sailing, windsurfing and catamaran courses Canoes and kayaks can be borrowed from the boat rental.

The varied circular route around the lake is ideal for hiking, cycling or on a Segwaytour. 

In the year 2013 the canoe park lock was completed. So is the Markkleeberger See by a 800 m long canal passage connected to the neighboring Störmthaler See. In the future, a sailing base is to be built on the delta for the waterway to the Störmthaler See. 

There are cafés and restaurants on the lakeside promenade.

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