The Geiseltalsee

The Geiseltalsee is almost 18,4 km² the largest artificial lake in Germany, After 1993 set up operations in the Geiseltal opencast mine and extensive earthwork and remediation work was completed, the flooding of the lake began in the year 2003. Since the year 2011 the lake has been completely flooded. 

Worth knowing about Geiseltalsee

1698 - 1993Braunkohletagebau
2003 - 2011Flooding of the lake
Height above sea level98,05 m (fluctuation +/- 0,5m possible)
Volume423 million cubic meters of water
depth87 m
Bathing water qualityWell (EU Bathing Water Directive)

Around the Geiseltalsee

Three lookout towers with a height of 14 m around the lake provide an overview of the dimensions of the Geiseltalsees. With the Geiseltal Express you can be comfortable circle the lake, If you like it more sporty, the beautiful, 28 km long paved circular route to go back to the lake on foot, by bike or inline skates. 

At the foot of the City Mücheln is the maritime harbor complex Marina Mücheln, which is open daily for visitors. The Marina Mücheln houses the harbor information, boat and bicycle rental, the port office, the pier building with beer garden, boat school, wellness center, pier for passenger shipping and moorings for your sailboats. 

Unique is the Transition from mining to viticulture - the Geiseltalsee is the first vineyard at a Tagebausee.

In the summer 2012 the partial release of the Geiseltalsees took place.

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