Schillerhaus on Kahnsdorf Estate

A time-honored house to fall in love with, marry and celebrate

The conservator of the Schillerhaus, Volker Wiesner, found the text line on a newspaper clipping used as a wallpaper.... 1862 love". The event seems like a challenge, inspiring the current homeowners to enter Set up a wedding room, For the musical framing a grand piano is ready for you. Up to 25 guests can experience your romantic ceremony.

Spend comfortable with your family and friends solemn hours: In the lovingly restored premises of the Schiller café - in addition to a wedding reception room with grand piano - there is room for up to 40 guests. For example, smaller groups up to 25 people can sit in our Blue Room on a sociable table. Our staff will gladly assist you in the preparation of your event or your wedding ceremony and coordinate with you, for example, the buffet or the champagne reception. Let us advise you!

The Schillerhaus is also ideal for meetings. You can welcome up to 25 guests in a special ambience. We offer flexible seating, bookable conference drinks and various presentation media on request.

For a larger event with about 100 guests we recommend the neighboring Herrenhaus.

The antique, still preserved in the original Wooden floorboards by 1686 already creaking under the steps of Friedrich Schiller, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Theodor Körner

Schiller's life took a turn for the better in the mansion: 1785 met here his later best friend and patron Christian Gottfried Korner.

Read more about the history of the Schillerhaus on the Gut Kahnsdorf:

History of the Schillerhaus

Over 300 years later, guests are welcomed back under the same roof. The historic buildings is integrated with its Schiller Café one of the most popular excursion destinations and venues of the Leipzig Neuseenland. On the sunny patio, you can go with coffee and cake really good.

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Schillerhaus on Kahnsdorf Estate

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