Fishing on Lake Hainer

The plan of the Hainer See

Access only for anglers with a valid parking card.

Parking only at designated parking spaces, do not drive as far as the water!

Note the restricted areas! Entering the islands is prohibited.

Boat fishing permitted (B).

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General information about fishing on the Hainer See and Haubitzer See

Hainer and Haubitzer See

Water number



General fishing waters


545.00 ha


Boat fishing permitted (B)

Main fish species

(H) pike

(A) Eel

(S) Tench

(B) perch

(GM) Great vendace

(K) carp

(Wf) whitefish


Fishing license prices and dealers

  • Day fishing ticket € 12
  • Weekly fishing permit 30 €
  • Monthly fishing permit € 50
  • Annual fishing permit € 100

All fishing permits are only issued for one body of water.

Cards can be obtained from the following issuing offices:

Zoo & Co. Wiesner

Am Wilhelmschacht 20b, 04552 Borna

Tel: 03433 204881

Etzold fishing company - Forellenhof Borna

Deutzener Str., 04575 Neukieritzsch

Tel: 03433 912080

Hunting & Fishing Udo Tränkner

Benndorfer Weg 4, 04654 Frohburg

Tel: 034348 53053

Espenhains fishing shop

Mühlstrasse 15, 04539 Groitzsch

Tel: 034296 41181

Fishing shop Räthel

Dresdener Strasse 32, 04643 Geithain

Tel: 034341 43371

Small fishing paradise Grimma

Friedrich-Oettler-Str. 10, 04668 Grimma

Tel: 03437 701032

Meuselwitz pet shop

Zeitzer Str. 51, 04610 Meuselwitz

Tel: 03448 813636

Fishing speci Chemnitz

Chemnitzer Str. 6, 09247 Chemnitz / Röhrsdorf

Tel: 03722 505580