Fishing on the "Kulki"

The plan of the Kulkwitzer See

Located between Leipzig-Grünau and Markranstädt.

When trolling and spin fishing, keep a sufficient distance to the diving platforms and entry points!

Do not fish on the beach during the season and there is a general feeding ban!

Fishing is prohibited in the area of ​​the diving entry points, there are underwater guide devices across the bank

It is not allowed to fish on the platforms or to moor to the buoys

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General information about fishing on the Kulki

Kulkwitzer lake

Water number



General fishing waters


159.00 ha


Boat fishing permitted (B)

Hegene allowed

Trolling permitted

Main fish species

(A) Eel

(B) perch

(H) pike

(K) carp

(S) Tench

(W) catfish

(Wf) whitefish

(Z) pikeperch


Fishing license prices and dealers

  • Day fishing ticket € 12
  • Weekly fishing permit 30 €
  • Monthly fishing permit 50 €
  • Annual fishing permit € 100

All fishing permits are only issued for one body of water.

Monthly and annual tickets not available everywhere.

Cards can be obtained from the following issuing offices:

Fishing supplies Leipzig

04129 Leipzig (Eutritzsch), Berliner Str. 121

Tel: (0341) 4011560

AngelSpezi Leipzig

04319 Leipzig (Engelsdorf), Hugo-Aurig-Str. 7th

Tel: (0341) 9112290

Fisherman's partner

04158 Leipzig (Wiederitzsch), Brentanostr. 1

Tel: (0341) 5204551

Angel Center Leipzig

04229 Leipzig (Plagwitz), Karl-Heine-Str. 64

Tel: (0341) 4243219

Mittelseen Wasserfreizeit GmbH

04207 Leipzig (Lausen-Gruenau), Seestr. 1

Tel: (0341) 710770

Angel domain Leipzig

04416 Markkleeberg, Hauptstr. 101

Tel: (0341) 3587620

Fishing center Taucha, owner Jürgen Fuchs

04425 Taucha / Leipzig, Gordemitzer Str. 34

Tel: (034298) 66774

The Anglo-Saxon

04435 Schkeuditz (Dölzig), Merseburger Chaussee 5a

Tel: (034205) 18502

Fishing shop Wurzen, owner Eberhard Uhlmann

04808 Wurzen, Crostigall 16

Tel: (03425) 813869

Fishing center Burkert & Peche GbR, Wurzen

04808 Wurzen, Schuhgasse 5

Tel: (03425) 852361