Relax, stroll and enjoy a wonderful view of the picturesque shores of the bright blue Geiseltalsee - that is pure holiday feeling at the harbor MARINA MÜCHELN.

The harbor square includes your visit with the harbor tower Café "Hafenkontor" and tourist information, The pier building with snack, the Boat school Geiseltal, The "Pier 5" café and restaurant and the fish restaurant to something very special. From here you can experience the Geiseltalsee in a variety of ways: by boat on the shared area, on foot or by bike on the paved circular lake path. From here you can also go on a round with the passenger shipStart "FELIX".

Convince yourself of the maritime ambience to feel good and take a little break from everyday life on your trip or holiday at the MARINA MÜCHELN directly on the south bank of the Geiseltalsee.

Marina Mücheln GmbH 

Harbor place 6

06249 Müelte (Geiseltal) 

Phone: 034632 / 995910

Mobile: 0172 / 3470444

Fax: 034632 / 995920