Pier1 boat berths

Space for sailors and motor boats

The Marina Pier1 is pure urban harbor life. Sailors and motorboat captains will find their berth and home port for boats up to 10 m length.

The 150 water berths are located in front of the three distinctive Pier1 harbor buildings, which house restaurants, cafés, water sports shops and holiday apartments.

Behind the colorful harbor promenade, the dinghies are protected from the wind on their land berth. There are also catamaran spots on the green bank south of the port.

Water mooring
Attention: maximum boat length 10 m!
to 4m740,00 euros including VAT.
to 5m815,00 euros including VAT.
to 6m890,00 euros including VAT.
to 7m965,00 euros including VAT.
to 8m1.040,00 euros including VAT.
to 9m1.115,00 euros including VAT.
to 10m

1.190,00 euros including VAT.

All prices include two cranes.

Country berths 
Dinghies and catamarans € 380,00 paCanoe and kayak € 150,00 pa
Daily berth 
Water berth 15,00 euros / day 

Please register in advance under Tel .: 0341 356510

Boat slips for guests
5,00 euros for lipping in and out, please pay at the port office.

Catamaran beach parking space
380,00 euros pa

Annual car park for sailors
100,00 euros, no entitlement to a specific seat.

Extra cranes
Boats weighing up to 4t can be craned 40,00 euros for one-time lifting with a crane (trailer to trailer) 20,00 euros.
Please register at Tel .: 0341 356510

Sandra Schoffer

Pier1 GmbH & Co. KG

Harbor Road 23

04416 Markkleeberg

Tel + 49 341 356510

Fax + 49 341 3565129