Ship Ahoi - your own boat mooring

When we built the first jetties into the new lake on Lake Cospuden with the Pier20 1 years ago, the forecasts for water sports were still sober. A few dinghies like 4,20er or Ixylons will settle here, was the guess. Today, 20 years later, in addition to hundreds of dinghies are just as many larger cabin boats and small motor boats for picnics or fishing in the large and beautiful ports of the Leipzig Neuseenlandes.

The own boat mooring, the own boat - that is the basis for a completely new feeling of life in this area. On board you turn down a gear, come to rest. Shoes off, mobile phone off. Take a small swing across the lake or the neighboring harbor with friends, swim or fish from the boat or enjoy dinner and wine on the boat. These are the wishes of amateur captains.

Although some will say that a 700 acres of large lake would be too small for a cabin cruiser with 9 length - he is taught in Leipzig New Lakeland a better. Many load their boat for two or more weeks on vacation sometimes to the Baltic Sea or Croatia.

But the opportunity to spend a few hours relaxing after work on the other evenings, to spontaneously use every good wind for a small drive, to be able to sleep on the boat during the weekends, and an oasis on the water for himself and his children to offer - that is the new quality of life in the Leipziger Neuseenland.